Scions of the Void: The Constantine Dynasty

Session 41 - Wraithguard Rising

Rogue Trader/Black Crusade
SCIONS of the VOID: The Constantine Dynasty

Ambition Knows No Bounds…

Chapter 5 – Heathen Stars
Session 41 – Wraithguard Rising

Scene 1 – The Wraithbone Army Awakens

Scene 2 – Rituals Three
Clearing the top of the tower, the Scions see two Eldar Warlocks and a Farseer performing rituals (inside the central spires that jet upward from the tower, each within an engraved circle). A Wraithguard serves as their sentinel inside the spires. A psychic sphere of temporal distortion envelopes and shields them.

Scene 3 – Eldar Fire Dragon Warriors
As the Scions venture past the spires, three hidden Eldar warriors attack, and the battle ensues. The Farseer joins the fray while the two warlocks continue their rituals.

Scene 4 – Slave Shuttle
Constantine calls in a shuttle delivery of 10 slaves. The first shuttle (an Aquila Lander) is shot down. The second shuttle (an Arvus Lighter) delivers the slaves.

Scene 5 – Daemon Summoning Rituals
Constantine performs a daemon summoning ritual to Slaanesh… a horde of daemonettes crash through the opened warp portal. Nork likewise performs a similar daemon summoning ritual to Tzeentch… a flying horde of screamers jet through the warp portal.

Scene 6 – Daemon Hordes Ravage the Maiden World
The two daemon hordes ravage any Rogue Trader troops that were foolish enough to remain on the planet following the Wraithbone army awakening.

XP: +650 xp = 29,350 xp

Infamy: +3 to Constantine and Nork for summoning and releasing ravaging daemon hordes upon an Eldar maiden world.

Corruption: +1d5 to Constantine and Nork for the daemon horde summoning


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