Scions of the Void: The Constantine Dynasty

Session 42 - Fire in the Heavens

Rogue Trader/Black Crusade: SCIONS of the VOID
Chapter 5 – Heathen Stars

THE CONSTANTINE DYNASTY: The dynasty’s Warrant of Trade has now passed to Ishamael Constantine along with a Writ of Claim for the Svard System and his grandfather’s cruiser, the Golgotha. With the reclamation of Svard and Foulstone, a growing fleet of voidships, and a newfound devotion to the excesses of Slaanesh – the dynasty is on the rise again!

Ambition Knows No Bounds…

Session 42: Fire in the Heavens

Scene 1 – The Wraith Lord
Following the daemon horde summons, Constantine calls in a Gun-cutter for pick up. While still waiting for the shuttle arrival, a gigantic wraith-bone construct lands on the tower top. The Wraith Lord fires his lance at Brother, decimating him with one concentrated blast of plasma. Everyone is astonished for a moment, then the Scions attack!

Scene 2 – Red Skies at Night
With the Wraith-Lord destroyed, the Scions hop into the Gun-cutter. Daemonettes still ravage the countryside, while Screamers blanket the skies. Bastille’s cruiser still bombards the planet from orbit. Due to that, and the encroaching warp storm – the night sky takes on a dark red hue. Caius at the helm, he deftly avoids the Screamers, the salvos, and the storm, getting the Scions back safely to the Golgotha.

Scene 3 – The Colossus and the Hammer of Truth
Two Rogue Trader voidships break orbit, moving towards the Constantine fleet, Bastille’s Colossus (Lunar class cruiser) and Djanko’s Hammer of Truth (Defiant class light-cruiser). The remaining Rogue Trader ships pull back, appearing to head out of the system, escaping the coming storm.

Scene 4 – The Heavens Ignite
The Golgotha, Butcher, and the Void Khymera move to attack, while the remainder of the fleet goes on silent running. Constantine and the Golgotha board the Colussus, Bastille and crew surrendering. Nork guiding the Butcher, eventually (after doing several laps around the battlefield – takes out the Hammer of Truth, its warp drive exploding. The Void Khymera flees the area after taking a destructive lance hit.

Scene 5 – The Shard of Dawn
As the Void Khymera flees the engagement on silent running, an Eldar frigate (the Shard of Dawn) appears from out of the void and follows the Dark Eldar corsair.

XP: +650 XP, total 30,00 XP – Rank 7

Profit Factor: 47
+3 (1d5) Hostile acquisition of the Bastille Dynasty cruiser, the Colossus
-4 (1d5 Misfortune) Constantine chaos fleet rumors among Rogue Traders
+1 Eldar artifacts – Cold Trade

Infamy: Constantine +2 for defeating notorious Rogue Trader, Lord-Admiral Bastille


Lord-Captain Ishamael Constantine – Rogue Trader/Sorcerer (CP-66+1d5/Inf-64)

Nork – Idolitrax Magi (CP-48+1d5/Inf-60)

Allies in the Void:

Archon Droqax Morn – Dark Eldar Kabalite Warrior (CP-48/Inf-58)

GOLGOTHA – Ambition-class Cruiser (70 SP)
Skittish-Fears battle / Wrested from a Space Hulk-Cursed
Hull Integrity: 66

Crew: 100% / Morale: 100%

BUTCHER – Lathe-class Monitor Light-cruiser

Haunted / Resolute
Integrity: 63
Servitor Crew

VOID KHYMERA – Dark Eldar Corsair-class Escort

Hull Integrity: 20
Crew: unknown (veteran 50)


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