Scions of the Void: The Constantine Dynasty

Session 43 - Riders on the Storm

Rogue Trader/Black Crusade
SCIONS of the VOID: The Constantine Dynasty
Chapter 5 – Heathen Stars

THE CONSTANTINE DYNASTY: The dynasty’s Warrant of Trade has now passed to Ishamael Constantine along with a Writ of Claim for the Svard System and his grandfather’s cruiser, the Golgotha. With the reclamation of Svard and Foulstone, a growing fleet of voidships, and a newfound devotion to the excesses of Slaanesh – the dynasty is on the rise again!

Ambition Knows No Bounds…

Session 43: Riders on the Storm

Scene 1 – The Void Khymera Eludes the Shard of Dawn
Droqax and the Void Khymera remain shadowed, avoiding the Eldar frigate’s detection.

Scene 2 – Fly on the Windscreen
As the Constantine fleet turns to leave the system, the Golgotha is attacked by the Eldar Shard of Dawn – failing to penetrate the it’s shields. The Golgotha ignores the small ship, and it eventually stop its futile attacks.

Scene 3 – Stryxis at Zayth
One last stop at the outskirts of the Zayth system, for trade and acquisitions with the Stryxis, before leaving the Heathen Stars region of the Expanse.

Scene 4 – Breaking Yards at SR-651
Ship repair, crew R&R and population restoration, trade and acquisitions

Scene 5 – Svard
The fleet returns home after repairs at the Breaking Yards.

Scene 6 – The Journal
Speaker Tal gives Constantine his grandfather’s personal journal. The journal details the location and warp route to Kain’s Abyss, an ancient gateway leading into the Screaming Vortex.

Scene 7 – Plying the Warp to Kain’s Abyss
The Constantine fleet travels towards the ancient gateway, hoping to gain access to the Screaming Vortex.

Scene 8 – Void Krakens!
As the fleet transverses out of the Aether, it’s greeted by several void-krakens…

XP: +500 XP = 30,500 XP – Rank 8

Profit Factor: 48
+1 For Rogue Trader Lord-Admiral Bastille joining the dynasaty

Infamy: Constantine +1 for addicting/converting Rogue Trader, Lord-Admiral Bastille

Corruption: +0

Lord-Captain Ishamael Constantine – Rogue Trader/Sorcerer (CP-66+1d5/Inf-64)

Nork – Idolitrax Magi (CP-48+1d5/Inf-60)
Allies in the Void:
Archon Droqax Morn – Dark Eldar Kabalite Warrior (CP-48/Inf-58)

GOLGOTHA – Ambition-class Cruiser (70 SP)
Skittish-Fears battle / Wrested from a Space Hulk-Cursed
Hull Integrity: 66
Crew: 100% / Morale: 100%

BUTCHER – Lathe-class Monitor Light-cruiser

Haunted / Resolute
Integrity: 63 Servitor Crew

VOID KHYMERA – Dark Eldar Corsair-class Escort
Hull Integrity: 20
Crew: unknown (veteran 50)


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