[NPC] Archon Salaine Morn

Dark Eldar Archon of the Shadowed Thorns Kabal and Master of the Nexus of Shadows


Dark Eldar Trueborn Kabalite Warrior

Acrobatics (Ag) 20, Awareness (Per) +20, Chem-Use (Int)
+20, Command (Fel) +20, Common Lore (Dark Eldar) (Int)
+20, Dodge (Ag) +20, Intimidate (S) +20, Silent Move
20, Sleight of Hand (Ag)+20.

Air of Authority, Catfall, Combat Master, Crippling Strike, Crushing Blow, Dark Soul, Die
Hard, Disturbing Voice, Exotic Weapon Training (Agoniser, Husk Blade, Blast Pistol), Hard Target, Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight), Into the Jaws of Hell, Iron Discipline, Jaded, Kabalite Weapon Training, Lightning Attack, Lightning Reflexes, Master Orator, Mighty Shot, Paranoia, Quick Draw, Rapid Reaction, Resistance (Poison, Psychic Techniques), Sprint, Step Aside, Strong Minded, Swift Attack, Total Recall.

Dark Sight, Power Through Pain, Touched by the Fates, Unnatural Agility (x3).

Special gear – Soul Trap device


Salaine Morn intentionally projects a presence that is both evasive and unmistakable; her dread majesty is as hard to put into words as it is to ignore. Appearing at once menacing and tempting, the Archon catches many of her foes off-guard, uncertain of the obfuscated nature of this ancient being. Morn is several thousand years old, though only she knows for certain how long she has been alive, and has seen and done much that would long haunt the nightmares lesser beings. Like all Archons, she is possessed of a deadly martial prowess, but her true weapon is a mind finely honed
by the lethal intrigues of Commorragh’s high society.

She finds it utterly distasteful, then, that she and all those she commands are exiles from Commorragh the Dark City, even though she now rules the Nexus of Shadows. Before gaining control of the Nexus, at her grudging command, the warriors of her Kabal had turned to mercenary work, selling their efforts to lesser beings as part of a plan to regain the power she once possessed. On the rarest of occasions, she deigns to speak to these prey-creatures herself.

[NPC] Archon Salaine Morn

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