[NPC] Caius, Master of Small Spacecraft

Void Master/Awakened Psyker - Rank 6



Movement: 6/12/18/36
Wounds Total: 30 / Current: 30
Fatigue Total: 0 / Current: 0
Total TB:
Armour: Best Power Armor (9 +20Str)
Force Field:
Infamy Points:

Dodge 95
Pilot Space craft 95
Pilot Small craft 95
Drive Hover 65
Navigation 55
Awareness 60
Scrutiny 60
Kronos 55
Xenos, Pirates, Warp, War, Imp Navy, Astromancy 45
Rogue Trader, Underdeck, Military Tongues 45
Tech-use 45
Trade 45

Nerves of Steel
True Grit
Die Hard
Iron Jaw
Quick Draw
Light Sleeper
Talented (Dodge)
Sound Constitution x7
Bulging Biceps (don’t make me angry)
Master of Small Craft (mac daddy)
Hardy (heal as lightly winded)
Marksman (no long/extended range penalties)
Void Tactician (+10 ship weapons)


Special Abilities:
-10 social interaction formal surroundings
+10 resist pinning, shock, poison, fear

Psy Rating: 2?

Psychic Disciplines: Renegade Psyker, Mental Force, Aether Appendage

Psychic/Sorcery Techniques:

Mutations: Feels No Pain, Wyrdling, Xeno Eye (Night vision, Fear I)
Gifts of the Gods: Eye of Chaos
Rewards of Slaanesh: Mark of Slaanesh
Dark Patronage: Mord’dagan Eater of the Dead, Daemon Prince of Slaanesh (Necrophage)

Insanity: 31
Corruption: 12

Cybernetics: MIU, MIU Weapon interface

Weapons: Good Multi-Melta, Inferno Pistol(MIU), Auto-Pistol, Storm Bolter

5 Dark Elder Plasma Grenades.
Pretty purple torch, obsidian something or another cap’n says.
Best PA; 9AP 20Str
Light “death blade” PA; 7AP +10Str Poisoned blades. d10
4 pen4 toxic melee

Alluring Cruel Macro Cannon; +3 ship morale, re-roll damage 1/session

Total XP Spent: 22250


Homeworld: Deathworld
Birthright: Stubjack
Lure of the Void: Mutant (Feels No Pain)
Trials: Dark Voyage
Motivation: Tormented

Caius had loving parents and a peaceful childhood. Wanted for nothing and was blissfully happy. At least that’s the childhood his broken psyche has constructed as a dyke against the real memories. His doctor’s last medical report before disappearing warned of the catastrophic damage if those memories should come flooding out. And strongly warned against allowing Caius near dangerous items, machines, or vehicles with which he might do himself or others (mostly others) harm.

Caius loves his new pet parrot. Poor thing lost all its feathers. So, Caius has glued bits of brightly colored cloth on it. Very loyal, always on his shoulder, not trying to fly away. Very empathetic, spits on enemies Caius just thinks about melting away. It seems happy despite the other people insisting on calling it “Inferno”. His name is Polly, dammit!

Melta energies from his new big gun have burnt away the shadowy veil the monsters hide behind. “I see you now, and now you shall pay” But, they, there are so many, and they are everywhere! Bless The Emperor or Slannesh (he’s a bit confused these days) for semi-auto blast(1). He hopes the other people are willing to sacrifice themselves or parts thereof to friendly fire. The monsters must be melted.

[NPC] Caius, Master of Small Spacecraft

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