Nork, Idolitrax Magi

Mechanoid Acolyte of Abraxas


Passion: Craft Disgrace: Greed Motivation: Arcane
26000 xp Infamy 57 Corruption 48
700 xp to spend

WS 62(3)
BS 62(3)
S 30
T 30
Ag 40(2)
Int 80(3)
Per 40
Wp 75(4)
Fel 50(2)
W 18

Skills: Athletics, Awareness, Common lore(machine cult), Common lore(hollows), Common lore(tech) 2, Dodge 3, Forbidden lore(archeotech), Forbidden lore(xenos), Forbidden lore(daemon), Forbidden lore(warp), Forbidden lore(adeptus mechanicus), Inquiry, Interrogation, Intimidation, Medicae, Linguistics(techna lingua), Linguistics(low gothic), Logic, Navigate(surface), Operate(surface), Parry 4, Psyniscience, Scholastic lore(occult), Scholastic lore (chemistry), Scrutiny, Security, Tech use 2, Trade(armourer) 2

Talents: Ambidextrous, Armour monger, Bastion of Iron Will, Blademaster, Blasphemous incantations, Bulging Biceps, Child of the Warp, Combat Formation, Counter Attack, Die hard, Enemy (adeptus mechanicus), Eye of Vengeance, Greater minion, Jaded, Legion Weapon Training, Heightened Senses (Hearing), Heightened Senses (Sight), Infused Knowledge, Mechandendrite training(utility), Mechandendrite training(weapon), Nerves of Steel, Paranoia, Quick Draw, Resistance (Cold), Resistance (Heat), Resistance (Poisons), Resistance (Psychic), Sacrifice, Step Aside, Strong Minded, Total Recall, Unarmed Warrior, Unhallowed Discovery(3), Warp Sense, Weapon Tech

Traits: Amphibious, Binary chatter, Blasphemous studies, Machine(6), Mechanicus Implants, Psyker, Unnatural Strength(4), Unnatural Toughness(4), Unnatural Willpower(1), Unnatural Intelligence(2)

Gifts: Mark of Tzeentch, Massive Horns, Warpsmith, Mechanoid(machine 7)

Psi rating 7(8 w/incantation) Bound Max push 11(12)

Powers Warptime, Flicker, Blade of Baleful Might, Thought Sending, Bolt of Change

Bionics: Mechanicus assimilation(6), Cerebral implants(good), Black blood, Embedded auspex(good), Mind impulse unit(good), Utility mechadendrite, Optical mechadendrite, Medical mechandendrite, Ballistic mechadendrite, Pain ward, 2 Bionic arms(best), Bionic legs(good)

Armour: Archeotech Legion Armour(best). +5 Command, Sustainable power source, Enhanced ceramite, Autosenses, Devotional iconography (The armour is clearly dedicated to the service of one particular Chaos God. The wearer gains +10 to Command tests made against Daemons and targets devoted to that Chaos God. In addition, all Lesser Daemons of the chosen Chaos God not under someone else’s command or control automatically treat the wearer as their commander. The character suffers a -10 to all Fellowship tests made against Deamons and targets devoted to a Chaos Gods opposed to the chosen Chaos God.

Toughness 7 + Machine 7 + Armour 11(13 on chest)

Field: Shimmering Robe (rating 63)

Melee weapon: Ancient Force Sword(best, 2 pen/damage, +10 one roll per game, balanced), duelist’s grip. Total +10 hit, +25 parry, 1d1018 R, penetration 11

Ranged weapon:
Warpcleaver, daemonic autogun. Bound Veiled Deceit, Binding strength 1.
Daemon willpower 50, infamy 30. Voidchill, Warpflame, Living Magic, Piercing
Range 100m, S/3/10, 1d10+8 I, penetration 5, flame, reliable, warp weapon, 1d10 toughness damage, +5 to critical damage, + 10 to focus tests
Mounted in ballistic mechadendrite w/MIU link, recoil baffling(no penalty to move/fire), pistol grip

Legion Plasma Gun w/starflare vent
Range 35m, S/-/-, 2d10+14E, penetration 12, clip 8, spray
MIU link, mounted in arm, purified plasma

Other Gear: Psy-focus

Total XP Spent: 26000/26700


Nork, Idolitrax Magi

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