Golgotha - Dynasty Cruiser (Flagship)

Starship Cruiser


Hull: Cruiser
Class: Amibition-class Cruiser
Dimensions: 4.9 km long, 2 km abeam at fins approx.
Mass: 25 megatonnes approx.
Crew: 89,000 crew, approx.
Accel: 3 gravities max sustainable acceleration

Speed: 5
Manoeuvrability: +25
Detection: +20
Void Shields: 2
Armour: 18
Hull Integrity: 66
Morale: 100
Crew Population: 100
Crew: 30 Competent
Turret Rating: 3
Weapon Capacity: Port 2, Starboard 2, Prow 1

Essential Components:
Jovian Pattern Class 4 Drive, Multiple Void Shield Array, Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer, Voidsmen
Quarters, Ship Master’s Bridge, Mark-201.b Augur Array

Supplemental Components:
2 Port, 2 Starboard Mars Pattern Macrocannon Batteries (Macrobattery, Strength 6, Damage
1d10+2, Crit Rating 5, Range 6)
Crew Reclamation Facility, 2x Augmented Retro-thrusters, Main cargo hold, Flak Turrets, Barracks

Skittish Machine Spirit:
Fears Battle, -1 speed in combat but -1d5 weeks travel for long voyages

Wrested from a Space Hulk:
+1 armor, +1 speed, +3 maneuv, Cursed – Roll 2x for misfortunes and choose worse

Small Spacecraft: Arvus Lighter, Gun-cutter, Halo Barge, Lathe Shark Assault Boat, Valkyrie Sky Talon

Vehicles: Scout Flyer, Rhino APC


Constantine Dynasty cruiser, passed down to Ishamael Constantine from his grandfather. Reappearing after being lost in the void over a decade ago, piloted back by his insane Magos and a crew of servitors through small warp jumps over a decades time.

Golgotha - Dynasty Cruiser (Flagship)

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