Scions of the Void: The Constantine Dynasty

Session 1 - Into the Maw

Rogue Trader: SCIONS of the VOID: The Constantine Dynasty
Chapter 1 – Whispers from Svard

Session 1 – Into the Maw

THE CONSTANTINE DYNASTY – once a great and powerful flame, now only a glimmer of its former glory. The dynasty’s Warrant of Trade has now passed to Ishamael Constantine along with a Writ of Claim for the Svard System and his grandfather’s cruiser, the Golgotha.

GOLGOTHA – Ambition-class Cruiser (70 SP)
Machine Spirit Oddity – Skittish – Fears battle -1 Speed in combat, reduce long voyages by 1d5 weeks.
Past History – Wrested from a Space Hulk +1 Armor, +1 Speed, +3 Maneuverability, Cursed – roll twice for Misfortunes choosing worse.
Vehicles – Arvus Lighter, Halo Barge, Gun-cutter (acquired)

SCIONS boarding at Port Wander:
Rogue Trader – Lord-Captain Ishamael Constantine
Seneschal – First Officer, Commander Aurelius Rokarum
Explorator – Enginseer Prime, Magos Colin Clyde
Astropath – Choir-master Telepathica, Rabalias Victus

Scene 1 – Port Wander (Rubycon II, Calixis Sector)
Dynasty Seneschal at Port Wander – Orvest Dray
Acquisitions – Ishamael, Aurelius, Rabalias, and the Magos meet Orvest Dray in Port Wander’s “The Court of the Dead” to make inquiries and acquisitions – the Seneschal and Rogue Trader handling most of the inquiries and commerce. Later, they also pay a visit to The Blind Eye looking for experienced troopers (a small-but-popular tavern near the station’s sunward shuttle bays, frequented by void travelers looking to do business – many Rogue Traders use it as a meeting place for recruiting new comrades for their next voyage, especially those with prior experience in the Expanse). Aurelius realizes after the fact the his data-slate has been lifted.
*The Court of the Dead is the largest of the open holds that make up the Gilt Processionals (the vast labyrinthine markets of Port Wander).

Scene 2 – The Maw
The Koronus Passage – A warp storm rolls in as the ship embarks, the Lord-Captain orders the Golgotha onward into the Maw. The ship is buffered by the worst of the eddy and the Gellar field is hammered by violent warp energy. It brings nauseating visions and unnatural lethargy to the crew for a few days, but wears off by the time the ship reaches Footfall.

Scene 3 – Footfall (Furibundus, Koronus Expanse)
Welcoming committee – the Explorers are approached by a group of individuals who appear to be local tithe officials, requesting they follow them to the offices of the Administratum Oeconomica Imperialis. The Seneschal notices the uniforms are mismatched, the crew plays along. After demanding payment – Rabalius takes control of the speaker’s mind. One of the scum pulls a gun threatening the Rogue Trader exclaiming they control the station’s gun turrets – but meets his demise at the end of explosive bolt gun ammo. Several committee members are killed by the explosions and the crew is splattered with gore. The remaining committee decides to run. A short minute later 5 committee members are exploded, one missing a leg and a lot of blood. The intact committee members have tattoos of The Black Brotherhood (a group of hired thugs in Footfall). The Seneschal encourages the leader to warn the Brotherhood and whomever paid them not to mess with the Constantine dynasty before letting him go.

Scene 4 – Servo Skull Invite
A servo skull hovers above the Scions, projecting an image – The static-filled image resolves into a monstrous brute, a vaguely man-shaped creature consisting almost entirely of exquisitely crafted bionic augmentations. Even his face has been re-crafted into a stylised death’s head of chased silver, though the eyes remain disturbingly human. When he speaks, however, his voice is surprisingly soft. “Greetings, honored Rogue Trader Constantine. My name is Tanthus Moross, Liege of Footfall, and it gives me pleasure to welcome you here, amongst so many of your august companions. If you so desire, would you honor the nobility of Footfall with your presence at a small celebratory meal tonight?”

Scene 5 – Acquisitions: Intercessors of the Obsidian Emporial
The Seneschal and Rogue Trader make a connection for acquisitions at Footfall.
*The Obsidian Emporial is a bidding house of some fame in Footfall and the greater Expanse. Run by the mysterious and quite discerning Intercessors, the Obsidian Emporial provides a select few individuals with a place to sell items or information too rare and valuable for a trade-deck stall. The Intercessors organise auctions and manage deals, payments, and collections. Often, unless they wish otherwise, neither the buyer nor the seller will even know whom the other are.

Scene 6 – Feast at the Liege’s Court
After showering the gore off from the day’s earlier welcoming committee…The command crew shuttles over to the Liege’s Court for the banquet. The Scions find themselves in a large atrium with massive, gothic arched viewports that provide a stunning (and properly shielded) view of Furibundus. The hall is full of the individuals that make up the elite of Footfall – Preacher Ywane, Vladaym Tocara, the Provisor of the Tutors (slaver cabal), etc. Rabalius surveys the hall and reveals multiple psykers throughout. His attention is drawn to the psyker of Vladaym Tocara of the Kasballica Mission. Drawn towards each other, Tocara greets Constantine. Conversing for a bit, groundwork is laid for future Cold Trade negotiations once Svard is reclaimed. As chimes sound for the meal about to be served, Captain Keel of the Imperial Cruiser, the Hand of Redemption is spotted. The Seneschal (whom has an undesirable past history with Keel) and the Magos decide to slip out with designs on sabotaging the Hand of Redemption…

SESSION 1 Experience: +500 xp each
Total XP each: 5500 – Rank 1

PROFIT FACTOR: 22 (20+1 each from Rogue Trader & Seneschal)
Common Refractor Field x5 – (Isha, Rabalias, Magos, Aurelius, and 1 open)
Squad of Professional Infantry x5
Red Dot Lasers x5 (for squad)
Common Hellguns x5 – (for squad)
Overcharge Packs x5 – (for squad)
Light Carapace Armor x5 – (Rabalias and 4 to the squad)
MIU – (Magos)
Combat Servitor FRANKE – (Magos)


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