Scions of the Void: The Constantine Dynasty

Session 31.5 - Eater of the Dead

Rogue Trader
SCIONS of the VOID: The Constantine Dynasty

Chapter 4 The Righteous Path
Session 31.5 – Eater of the Dead (Ishamael solo session)

Scene 1 – Eater of the Dead Dark Patronage Ritual
Saynay Clan sorcerers induct Ishamael into the clan with a daemonic Dark Patronage ritual (Tome of Excess) with the Eater of the Dead, one of Slaanesh’s greater Keeper of Secrets. An adept of the Ecclesiarchy from the pilgrim voidship the Penitent Traveller served as the sacrificial lamb, ritually killed and eaten.
Dark Patronage Rewards:
Necrophage Mutation – Regeneration(1), +10 Toughness, must ingest human flesh.
1d10 Corruption and 1d10 Infamy.
NPCs aligned with the same Chaos god have a base Disposition one level higher than normal.
Acquisitions from NPCs or organizations aligned with the same Chaos god are one step easier.
Gain a single re-roll useable each time a Gift of the Gods is rolled.
Rituals relating specifically to the patron Daemon (Eater of the Dead) or are aligned with its Chaos God (Slaanesh) gain a +30 modifier (ToE p57 table 2-8).

Scene 2 – Chaos Space-Marine
The Lord-Captain takes on a personal guardian acquired from the Saynay Clan frigate’s captain – a chaos space-marine (Greater Minion talent).

Scene 3 – The Drop
24 (3 squadrons of 8) Lathe Shark Assault boats drop 1200 troops to the surface to battle the Ork horde of 600.

Scene 4 – Ork Menace
Air support being of little use due to cover from the buried maze top, Constantine leads his troops against the Ork force, defeating them with minimal losses due to superior numbers and command tactics (abstract mass combat using boarding action command mechanics).

Scene 5 – Crystal Matrix of the Star Mirror
Caius shuttles Nork to the Star Mirror to once again access its crystal matrix. Nork with some difficulty manages to open an exterior hatch leading to the interior of the maze, hoping to gain easier access to the Righteous Path and its precious cargo.

Scene 6 – Fossil Horror
Ishmael and his guardian chaos space-marine (greater minion) enter the opened maze hatch alone, shortly thereafter encountering a stone-like construct guarding the maze access shaft.
Fossil Horror – Yu’vath creations thought to be more than twenty metres in length and at least four in diameter, though very few reports indicate encounters where a specimen has been observed in its entirety. Rather, survivors generally report that they observed the creature’s massive tentacles extend from smoothly tunnelled openings, likely made by the creature itself. In all cases, observers reported that the tunnels seemed devoid of life when initially examined. The attacks were generally preceded by an unusual grinding sound, like that of rock moving across rock. After that noise, the tentacles emerged and began to rend their companions. The attacks are usually devastating, striking targets unerringly despite the lack of any obvious sensory organs.

Scene 7 – Sandslime
Yu’vath crystalline guardian construct. A hard battle, Ishmael’s guardian minion is killed protecting his Lord.

Scene 8 – Crystalwisp
Yu’vath hovering spherical crystal datavore (info/memory devouring) construct guarding teleportarium access to the Righteous Path.

Scene 9 – Plunder of the Righteous Path

Session 31.5 XP: +400 xp = 22700
(Solo session XP is for everyone, with all PCs involved in background activities)

Session 31 – Riddle of the Righteous Path

Rogue Trader
SCIONS of the VOID: The Constantine Dynasty

Chapter 4 The Righteous Path
Session 31 – Riddle of the Righteous Path

Scene 1 – Wreckage of the Righteous Path
Deep within the buried maze, the Scions encounter a pair of Hollowkynd amongst the debris.
Hollowkynd — shambling humanoid shapes formed of scrap metal, sparking electronics, and broken gears, they wander scrapyards seeking to find and devour any fleshly creature they can find to ease the torment of their existence. A Hollowkynd’s body has bound within it a gestalt of many tortured machine-spirits. The Hollowkynd constantly keen in binary static, the screams sometimes rising in pitch and volume when tracking prey or leaping to the attack. The howling mob of machine-spirits within a Hollowkynd’s body is nearly mindless with rage, desiring only destruction. Whilst the Hollowkynd’s scrap-metal body is quite dangerous on its own, it is the creature’s ability to interfere with and exert some influence over other technology that truly makes it an exceptional threat.

Scene 2 – Aposticator
The Aposticator is a writhing mass of mechadendrites many times longer than a man’s height. At the creature’s apex is a spheroid conglomeration of bionics formed from the heads of Hereteks unfortunate enough to earn their creator’s wrath. These heads are welded together and wired into one singular—and quite insane—consciousness, conditioned using xenos torture devices.

Scene 3 – Teleportarium
Making use of a Yu’vath teleportarium within the maze, the Scions teleport out somewhat randomly (due to the alien crystal interface) onto the surface of Magoros Prime.

Scene 4 – Shuttlecraft Pick-up
With a large horde of Orks advancing (and the Rhino lost), the Scions radio for a shuttle pick-up. With the shuttling successful, the Scions return to the orbiting Constantine fleet.

Session 31 XP: +550 xp = 22300

Session 30 - The Penitent Traveller

Rogue Trader: SCIONS of the VOID
The Constantine Dynasty – Chapter 4 The Righteous Path
Session 30 – The Penitent Traveller

Scene 1 – Saynay Clan Chaos Reavers
The Constantine Fleet battles 4 voidships of the bloodthirsty cannibal Saynay Sorcerers.
Voidships: Sword-class frigate, Cobra Destroyer, 2 Iconclast Destroyers (1 warp drive explosion).

Scene 2 – Shipmasters and Sorcerers
Droqax slays the Chaos Sorcerer aboard the Cobra. Constantine orders the other Sorcerers and Shipmasters kept alive. An allied agreement is reached.

Scene 3 – The Penitent Traveller
Pilgrims are sent to both the Soulcage’s slave holds and the Butcher’s reclamation facility.

Scene 4 – Forgotten Magoros

Scene 5 – Orks!
The Scions outrun an Ork horde in the Rhino, leaving it outside the Forsaken Tower for the Orks (who do not enter the tower) to customize.

Scene 6 – Forsaken Tower
Inside the pyramidal structure the Scions enter the maze, eventually reaching the center complex housing the Star Mirror. Upon entering the complex, the crew is attacked by a guardian Yu’vath bone warden.

Scene 7 – The Star Mirror
Nork interacts with the alien telescope’s machine spirit. After some memory loss, memory replay, and bizarre visions, Nork makes a connection. He has the Mirror teleport the Scions deep within the Maze to the final resting place of the Righteous Path.

Scene 8 – Inside the Xenos Maze
Deep within the Maze City, the Scions helmet systems quickly adjust to the available light, a series of purple flamed torches that line the walls. Ahead in an adjoining cavern, the Scions view what appears to be part of a gigantic wreckage…the fabled Righteous Path!

Session XP: The Penitent Traveller +550 xp = 21750 xp – Rank 6

Profit Factor: 44

Session 29 - Daemon Herald of Khorne

Rogue Trader – SCIONS of the VOID: The Constantine Dynasty
Chapter 3 – Nexus of Shadows

Scene 1 – The Huntsman, Daemon Herald of Khorne
Battle in the Sub-levels of the Nexus.

Scene 2 – Acquisitions with the Consorvana Ring
Following the battle with the Huntsman, the Scions gather up the brass scraps from the exploded daemon engine, offering it up for trade for another round of acquisitions with the Consorvana Ring (Shadow Arteries of the Nexus).

Scene 3 – The Webway
Following Salaine’s lead to the fabled Righteous Path, the Constantine Fleet follows the Dark Eldar Droqax (aboard the Void Khymera) away from the Nexus through the Webway to the outskirts of the systems of the Egarian Dominion, within Winterscales Realm.

Scene 4 – Egarian Dominion Winterscale Patrol
Winterscale voidships patrol Winterscale space – cruiser, light cruiser, and 3 raiders

Scene 5 – Shard Halo Wayfarer Station
Ship repairs and acquisitions at the Wayfarer Station built into an astroid of the vast asteroid field that is scattered across the outer reaches of the Dominion systems. The Scions investigate information about the Righteous Path and its connection to the Star Mirror.

Scene 6 – Salvation Beacon from the Penitent Traveller
As the fleet crosses the Shard Halo astroid field, a salvation beacon is received from within.

Scene 7 – Pirate Raiders
Three starship raiders are detected in close proximity to the Penitent Traveller.

Session 29 XP: +600 XP = 21200 XP – Rank 6!

Session 28 - Daemon Engine of Khorne

Rogue Trader – SCIONS of the VOID: The Constantine Dynasty
Chapter 3 – Nexus of Shadows

Scene 1 – Acquisitions with the Consorvana Ring
Shadow Arteries of the Nexus

Scene 2 – Temporal Helspiders
Sub-levels of the Nexus

Scene 3 – Daemon Engine of Khorne
Sub-levels of the Nexus

Session 28 XP: +600 XP, total 20600 XP – Rank 5

Session 27 - Spoils of War

Rogue Trader – SCIONS of the VOID: The Constantine Dynasty
Chapter 3 – Nexus of Shadows

Previously: Battle for the Nexus – Battle on the bridge of the Voidterror

Session 27: Spoils of War

Scene 1 – The Voidterror Depressurized
Back on board the Golgotha – Unwilling to leave a contingent of troops aboard the Voidterror, the Lord-Captain orders it depressurized.

Scene 2 – Dark Eldar Corsair-class Escort
The Golgotha detects a Corsair-class Escort (Raider) closing fast. The Corsair fires upon the Golgotha’s tug line to the Soul Reaver. The ancient ship is released and starts to drift back towards the Nexus.

Scene 3 – Battle in the Void
The Corsair fires upon the Golgotha with its prow macro-batteries and lance. The Golgotha disengages from the Voidterror, leaving it to drift. Battle in the void ensues. The Corsair Escort, hit hard by the Golgotha’s dual broadsides, finds itself ablaze.

Scene 4 – Lathe-class Monitor Light Cruiser
The Golgotha detects another starship closing in. This time, a ship of Imperial design, a Lathe-class Monitor Light Cruiser. The Explorator captain of the Monitor hails the Golgotha, offering his assistance.

Scene 5 – Corsair Escort Boarded
Droqax does a “hit and run” on the bridge of the Corsair Escort. Droqax kills the Corsair’s captain and demands allegiance or surrender. Crew population (and morale) low from the battle, the remaining crew offers their allegiance to Droqax. Droqax orders components on fire to be depressurized to quell the fires.

Scene 6 – Tech-Priest Treachery
The Monitor closes in and fires upon the Golgotha with macro-batteries and precision lance strikes, tearing through the hull. The Golgotha in turn lets loose its deadly broadsides, shearing off the top of the Monitor’s bridge. Lord-Captain Constantine adds another ship to his fleet and awards Nork the command of the former Adeptus Mechanicus vessel. “Captain” Nork claims the Monitor and its servitor crew as his own.

Scene 7 – The Nexus Won!
With the defeat of the Voidterror by the Golgotha, the decimation of the Splintered Talon Kabal’s forces by the renegade fleet, and Salaine (Archon of the Shadowed Thorns Kabal) securing the Ziggurat – the battle for the Nexus is over.

Scene 8 – The Spoils of War
The renegade fleet divides the spoils of war and is officially disbanded by Supreme Archon Salaine. Two starship raiders (both in crippled states) are added to the Constantine fleet, a Havoc Merchant Raider and a Hazeroth Privateer Raider.

Scene 9 – Cult of the False Dawn
The remaining members of the Cult of the False Dawn (Chaos cult of Slaanesh) contact Ishamael and pledge their service to him – also revealing their current numbers and status within the Nexus to the Lord-Captain (including a Soulcage Slaveship transport).

Next Session – Acquisitions with the Consorvana Ring

SESSION 27 Experience: +550 XP, total 20000 XP – Rank 5

Soulcage Slaveship transport (Cult of the False Dawn)
Havoc Merchant Raider (Spoils of the Renegade Fleet)
Hazeroth Privateer Raider (Spoils of the Renegade Fleet)
20+1d10 Lathe Shark Assault Boats
Traitor Legion Power Armor
10 Incubi (Droqax – trade 14,000 slaves)

Lathe-class Monitor Light Cruiser (Constantine Dynasty – Nork)
Dark Eldar Corsair-class Escort Raider (Droqax)

Soul Reaver Endeavor +6
Shadowspine Pits/Cult of the Withered Blade slave trade compact +1
Cult of the False Dawn allegiance +1
Consorvana Ring connection (Shadow Arteries – acquisitions) +1

Session 26 - Battle for the Nexus

Rogue Trader – SCIONS of the VOID: The Constantine Dynasty
Chapter 3 – Nexus of Shadows

Previously: Boarding the Voidterror

Session 26: Battle for the Nexus

Scene 1 – Teleportarium
Warp transport tube to the bridge.

Scene 2 – Battle on the Bridge
Ishmael and senior crew defeat Drecarus on the bridge of the Voidterror (Dark Eldar Torture-class Cruiser). Two Incubi, two Grotesque, and six Kabalite Warriors accompanied Drecarus.

Scene 3 – The Voidterror Surrenders
The remaining crew of the Voidterror surrenders to Constantine and the Golgotha.

Next Session – Spoils of War

SESSION 26 Experience: 500 XP, total 19450 – Rank 5


Dark Eldar Darklight Blasters x6 (3 clips each)
2 Custom Stinger Pistols (Binary Toxin)


SCIONS of the Void:
Rogue Trader – Lord-Captain Ishamael Constantine
Arch-militant – Balin Qard, Master-of-Arms
Explorator – Nork, Ogryn Mechanoid Hellspawn
Astropath – Rabalius, Choir-Master Telepathica
Void Master – Caius, Helmsman
Dark Eldar Kabalite Warrior – Droqax
Ork Freebooter – Kapn Splodybitz

Session 25 - Boarding the Voidterror

Rogue Trader: SCIONS of the VOID
Chapter 3 – Nexus of Shadows

THE CONSTANTINE DYNASTY: Once a great and powerful flame, now only a glimmer of its former glory. The dynasty’s Warrant of Trade has now passed to Ishamael Constantine along with a Writ of Claim for the Svard System and his grandfather’s cruiser, the Golgotha.
Presently, with the reclamation of Svard and Foulstone, the dynasty is on the rise again.

Previously: Seeds of Corruption

Session 25: Boarding the Voidterror

Scene 1 – Turning the Tide
Constantine and crew repel the Dark Eldar boarders, and then board the Dark Eldar cruiser Voidterror in return.

Scene 2 – To the Bridge!
With the boarding action underway, Ishmael and senior crew head towards the Voidterror’s bridge. Under Droqax’s direction the team takes an unconventional route through the Torture Holds, taking them away from main battle.

Scene 3 – The Torture Holds
Upon entering the Torture Holds the team can feel the air seething with anguish and echoes of the screams of countless thousands of slaves.

Scene 4 – Balin Enters the Labyrinth
Despite the constant wailing screams, Balin makes out footsteps coming from the left corridor. He then proceeds into the Labyrinthine complex alone. Balin senses two Dark Eldar Kabalite Trueborn Warriors. While not surprised, the Kabalite Warriors get the jump on Balin due to their unnatural speed. Shots ring out as Balin dodges darklight blaster fire, but is hit by two darklight pistol blasts coming from the other. Hearing the blaster fire, the rest of the team rushes in.

Scene 5 – Ork Attack Frigate Rams and Boards the Voidterror
The Ork Attack Ship, the Red Jaw rams and boards the Voidterror.

Scene 6 – Ork Kaptin Splody Bits Joins the Fray
Ork Kaptin Slody Bits of the Red Jaw and boyz join the battle in the labyrinth by flooding the corridor with flames.

Scene 7 – Lord-Captain to Kaptin
After taking out the Kabalite Warriors, Ishmael and Splody Bits have a brief conversation – deciding to join forces for the bridge takeover.

Scene 8 – Weapons Cache
A weapons locker is found, holding multiple cases of Dark Eldar plasma grenades.

Scene 10 – Torture Session
Interrupting a torture session, the dark eldar torturers quickly drop their lashes and open fire with their dark-light blasters. Their leader was carrying a Dark Eldar Hex Rifle (luckily no one was hit by it).

Scene 11 – Bridge Access Tube
Locating the lower access tube to the bridge, the scions are attacked by a Cronos Parasite Engine before entering. Nork is critically injured but is saved from the mortal wounding by his hell-spawned regeneration. Following the battle the teams debates the merits (and dangers) of sending explosives up through the tube…

Next Session – Battle for the Nexus!

SESSION 25 Experience: 600 XP each, total 18950 – Rank 5

SCIONS – Away Team:
(David) Rogue Trader – Lord-Captain Ishamael Constantine
(Torvald) Arch-militant – Balin Qard, Master-of-Arms
(Sean) Explorator/Genetor – Nork, Ogryn hellspawn (played by Torvald)
(Zach) Astropath – Rabalius (played by David)
(Norman) Void Master – Caius
(Jim) Ork Freebooter – Captain Splody Bits
(Aaron) Dark Eldar Kabalite Warrior – Droqax (on a secret solo mission)


Agonizer Lash x4
Multiple crates of Dark Eldar plasma grenades
Phantasm Grenade Launcher (200 shells)
Hex Rifle (12 clips)
Dark Eldar Darklight Blaster Pistol (12 clips)
Dark Eldar Darklight Blasters x3 (12 clips each)


Session 24- Seeds of Corruption

Rogue Trader: SCIONS of the VOID
Chapter 3 – Nexus of Shadows

THE CONSTANTINE DYNASTY: Once a great and powerful flame, now only a glimmer of its former glory. The dynasty’s Warrant of Trade has now passed to Ishamael Constantine along with a Writ of Claim for the Svard System and his grandfather’s cruiser, the Golgotha.
Presently, with the reclamation of Svard and Foulstone, the dynasty is on the rise again…

Session 24: Seeds of Corruption

Previously: Cult of the False Dawn…

Scene 1 – Tome of Excess
Following the battle with the Cult of the False Dawn, the scions scavenge the bodies for weapons. The Lord-Captain picks up the Chaos grimoire and he is encircled by a foul wind from the warp, lifting him off the ground. His body convulses and seizures. He has an expression of terror upon his face, then pain, pleasure, and lastly one of sheer ecstasy. His body convulses again and starts to mutate, growing in stature and strength. The corrupted wind starts to dissipate as his body is laid upon the floor softly as if to rest. He wakes up drenched in sweat, with a smirk on his face. Picking up the Tome laying beside him Constantine stands, then proceeds to dawn the Traitor Legion Armor.

Scene 2 – Severing the Soul Reaver
Nork smashes the skull of the dead archon, and then injects the severing device into the throne’s console.

Scene 3 – The Renegade Fleet Attacks
Upon exiting the Soul Reaver and reaching their skimmer in the banquet lighter bay, Balin detonates the charges releasing the Soul Reaver from its docking frame. Renegade Archon Salaine and her fleet descend and attack the Nexus.

Scene 4 – Golgotha Tractor Pull
The Golgotha swoops down, blowing the top off of the Ziggurat. Giant grappling hooks catapult from the Golgotha, sinking into the hull of the Soul Reaver. The Golgotha then tugs the Soul Reaver, ripping it out of the Ziggurat.

Scene 5 – Enemy Line
Breaking through the enemy line into open space with a minimal amount of damage, the Golgotha heads towards the renegade fleet.

Scene 6 – Boarders!
A Dark Eldar Torture-class cruiser runs along side the Golgotha, then boards.

Scene 7 – Repel Boarders
While the two opposing crews clash, the senior crew, lead by the Lord-Captain, repels a commanding unit of boarders, including trueborn dark eldar, grotesques, and a wrack (one of the haemonculus Drecarus’ lieutenants). The tide of the battle turns as Ishmael releases a corrupting Wind of Chaos, taking out several adversaries before the backlash knocks him unconscious. Following the defeat of the dark eldar kabal strike team, Ishmael regains consciousness and directs the command team towards the boarding breach.

Next Session – Boarding the Voidterror

SESSION 24 Experience: 650 XP each, total 18350 – Rank 5

SCIONS – Away Team:
(David) Rogue Trader – Lord-Captain Ishamael Constantine
(Torvald) Arch-militant – Balin Qard, Master-of-Arms
(Sean) Explorator/Genetor – Nork, Ogryn hellspawn
(Zach) Astropath – Rabalius
(Jim) Astropath – Dispator
(Aaron) Dark Eldar Kabalite Warrior – Droqax
(Norman) Void Master – Caius

Binary Toxin Stinger Pistol


Session 2 - Homecoming

Rogue Trader: SCIONS of the VOID
Chapter 1 – The Constantine Dynasty: Whispers from Svard

THE CONSTANTINE DYNASTY – once a great and powerful flame, now only a glimmer of its former glory. The dynasty’s Warrant of Trade has now passed to Ishamael Constantine along with a Writ of Claim for the Svard System and his grandfather’s cruiser, the Golgotha.

Session 2: Homecoming

SCIONS – Command crew of the Golgotha:
Rogue Trader – Lord-Captain Ishamael Constantine
Seneschal – Commander Aurelius Rokarum, First Officer
Arch-militant – Balin Qard, Master-of-Arms
Astropath – Rabalias Victus, Choir-master Telepathica
Explorator – Magos Colin Clyde, Enginseer Prime
Navigator – Haroon, Warp Guide
Arch-Militant – Nork (mutant Ogryn), Twistcatcher

Previously…Before disembarking the now ready Golgotha and crew, Constantine and his senior command crew make a few acquisitions at Port Wander with the help of Orvest Dray. A warp storm rolls in as the Golgotha embarks, the ship is buffered and the Gellar field hammered by the violent warp energy – bringing nauseating visions and unnatural lethargy to the crew for a few days, but wears off by the time the ship reaches Footfall. Arriving at Footfall the crew is greeted by a “welcoming committee” of the Black Brotherhood, a local group of thugs.

Scene 1 – Acquisitions at the Obsidian Emporial
Ship Acquisitions:
Void-Master Helmsman – Quintos Magnus
Brigade of Troops – 5000 light infantry troops, volunteer quality (skills 30, base morale 60)
Unwanted Attention: At odds with a rival trading dynasty – Rogue Trader Hadarak Fel

Acquisitions for new crew boarding at Footfall:
Stormbolter (good) w/red dot laser sight – Balin
Power Sword (good) – Isha (additional acquisiton)

Unwanted Attention: the Navigator’s Emperor Tarot Deck is stolen
Misfortunes: None – fate smiles upon the dynasty (2 rolls on table 9-41)

Scene 2 – Footfall: Feast at the Liege’s Court (continued)
After showering the gore off from the day’s earlier welcoming committee…The command crew shuttles over to the Liege’s Court for the banquet. The Scions find themselves in a large atrium with massive, gothic arched viewports that provide a stunning (and properly shielded) view of Furibundus. The hall is full of the individuals that make up the elite of Footfall including Vladaym Tocara of the Kasballica Mission and the liege of Footfall, Tanthus Moross. As chimes sound for the meal about to be served, Captain Keel of the Imperial Cruiser, the Hand of Redemption is spotted. The Seneschal (whom has an undesirable past history with Keel), the Magos, and the Ogryn decide to slip out with designs on sabotaging the Hand of Redemption.

Dinner is served! – Questionable cuisine from the Expanse…
*Voidburned Winterscale Creeper with Rakken Brain Sauce (not too dangerous, just generally disgusting)
*Live Dolorium Throat Crab (hard to keep down)
*Shardspider Eggs in Promethium Soup (mind the sharp bits and try not to smoke afterwards)
*Jerazol Brain-Fluke braised in Ork Spinal Fluid (don’t let it get onto your brain stem)
*Deep Warp Eel (of unknown origins) with Egarian Mummy Extract (one look at this ‘eel’ will tell anyone something is not quite right about it…)

Rabalius dines on the Shardspider Eggs, while tasty, had some pointy bits on the way down and out. The Lord-Captain had his insides ripped inside out by the Deep Warp Eel, but still managed to keep it together. Fellow guests were quite impressed by his titanium constitution.

After dinner, Lord-Captain Constantine and Captain Keel converse. Keel informs the Lord-Captain that he’s going to tag along to Svard, seeking the missing Imperial Envoy sent to Svard a year ago (around the same time the space hulked Golgotha appears on Footfalls doorstop, the end of its 10 year journey lead by the half-crazed Magos and a small crew of servitors).

Scene 3 – Shuttle Bay
The sabotage team heads back to the Golgotha for a uniform change. They find out Captain Keel’s ship is not docked. The team heads back to the Liege’s Court’s shuttle bay in hopes of sabotaging Keel’s shuttle. Once arriving at the bay, the team decides to sabotage the bay doors rather than the shuttle. Aurelius fast-talks the guards while the Magos shuffles about talking to himself and the machine, lock and jamming the doors.

Scene 4 – Leaving Footfall
The Golgotha is fired upon by a macro-battery turret of Port Wander as it leaves dock – harmlessly bouncing off the Golgotha’s armor. The vox sounds the voice proclaiming payback from the Black Brotherhood. The Lord-Captain has Aurelius write a very stern letter to the proper authorities.

Scene 5 – Into the Void
The Navigator successfully plots a speedy warp journey to Svard, bypassing Foulstone – arriving before the Hand of Redemption.

Scene 6 – The Svard System
The Golgotha comes out of the warp a small distance away from the outer rim of the Svard System. Upon approaching Svard, the ice moon hive colony – a vox hail is received from the Crystal Council of Svard. The Lord-Captain is greeted warmly by Speaker Tal. Tal warns the crew of the Whisperers that have taken control of the other moons. He speaks of the Envoy, a year ago headed for the sanctuary moon, Silence. After a brief conversation the Golgotha heads out towards Silence.

Scene 7 – The Void Wasp
As the Golgotha approaches the ion storm, its confronted by 3 very slow system ships and a Void Wasp – a sleek black raider sized ship, made of black crystal shard, its aft sails or tentacles giving the ship a squid like appearance.

The system ships warn the Golgotha off. The battle ensues. The Golgotha finds the Void Wasp hard to catch for a boarding action. After a few successful hit and runs, the Void Wasp loses maneuverability and is boarded! On board the alien craft, the ship seems to pulsate with life, but no crew is found. The corridors are of the same strange shard material as the outside of the ship. The Void Wasp when disabled lets out a horrifying deep base moan that is quite unsettling to say the least. Everyone is startled, some more so. Boarding troops find themselves momentarily in the grips of fear and shock, others exhibit insane laugher and screaming or other strange behaviors for a short time. After disabling and securing the black ship, the Golgotha easily overcomes and takes control of the system ships. (We’ll deal with the after effects of the Fear test and Shock Table at the start of session 3).

The Magos examines the strange crystal xeno ship, believing it to be of Yu’vath origin – resisting, he can feel the taint of dark sorcery assaulting his very soul (failing a Willpower test results in 1d5 Corruption Points). The ship’s construction is incomprehensible and no essential components (besides the hull) can be identified. The only recognizable supplemental components are the tentacle-like Gravity Sails (although 4 of 12 were destroyed) and the Void Skein Rupture Cannons. (We’ll deal with the Corrupting after effects of Yu’vath tech at the start of session 3).

Magos knowledge on the Yu’vath – More than two thousands years ago, during the time of the Lord-Militant Angevin, the Expanse was home to an ancient and alien evil known as the Yu’vath. Twisted servants of the warp, they built an empire on a foundation of dark sorcery, soul slavery and daemon worship. For years the Crusade fought a bloody war against them, slowly pushing them back in the face of massed slave armies and vile warp-technology. Finally Saint Drusus himself struck the final blow and ended their domination over the Calyx Expanse. What was left of their worlds and artefacts were destroyed and their locations purged from Imperial records and over time their existence was slowly forgotten.

SESSION 2 Experience: +400 xp each
Total XP each: 5900 – Rank 1

Void Master Helmsman, Quintos Magnus
Brigade of 5000 light infantry, volunteer quality troops
Stormbolter (good) w/red dot laser sight – Balin
Power Sword (good) – Isha
Backbone bracing – Nork

At odds with a rival trading dynasty – Rogue Trader Hadarak Fel
Navigator’s Emperors Tarot Deck stolen


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