Scions of the Void: The Constantine Dynasty

Session 34 - Temple of Farseeing

Rogue Trader
SCIONS of the VOID: The Constantine Dynasty

Chapter 5 Heathen Stars
Session 34 – Temple of Farseeing

Scene 1 – Bastille Dynasty Troops Attack!
Ishamael & Brutus, Nork, and 100 Constantine dynasty troops are hit with several frag missiles and resulting explosions. The surprise attack came from Bastille dynasty troops (30) in power armor, plus a sentinel walker – just outside an Eldar temple ruins complex.

Nork is the only Scion to take damage – Unfortunately, only 14 of 100 troops remain after being decimated by the walker’s twin multi-laser canons, and multiple frag missiles. The walker eventually caught on fire and was hulked, and the opposing house troopers killed to the last man.

The remaining Constantine troops are now suited up in power armor, and have several missile launchers with a decent supply of frag missiles.

Scene 2 – Temple Ruins
After looting the dead troopers, the Lord-Captain and remaining landing party venture towards the central portion of the temple complex.

Scene 3 – Eldar Psychic Shockwave
Half dozen figures are spotted atop the shorter central tower, a psychic wave explodes outward from the tower, knocking everyone off of there feet. Everyone (except Brutus) is knocked unconscious for a short period, having visions of the Eldar maiden world…

XP: +400 = 24250 xp → Rank 6


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