Scions of the Void: The Constantine Dynasty

Session 36.5 - Gun-Master of Zayth

Rogue Trader/Black Crusade
SCIONS of the VOID: The Constantine Dynasty

Chapter 5 – Heathen Stars
Session 36.5 – Gun-Master of Zayth

Scene 1 – Land-ship Indestructible
Ishamael meets with the heads of the 3 castes comprising the land-ship: The Tacticians, the Gun-Masters, and the Engine-Orders.

Scene 2 – Gun-Master of the Indestructible
Ishamael converts head Gun-Master Hovic to Slaanesh and Mord’dagan Eater of the Dead.
(A bit of roleplay combined with the Social Conflict rules in BC ToE).

Scene 3 – Orbital Bombardment of the Land-ship Bulwark
The Golgotha drops into low orbit and bombards the Indestructible’s rival land-ship the Bulwark.

Scene 4 – Assualt Boats Away!
3 Squadrons (of 8) Assault Boats (carrying 50 troops each) navigate safely to the Bulwark.

Scene 5 – Boarding the Bulwark
Lord-Captain Constantine leads the boarding action.

Scene 6 – Juggernaut of Khorne
Battle on the bridge of the Bulwark. The Prime Tactition is obviously a devotee of Khorne, with a Juggernaut daemon engine at his side.

XP: +500 XP = 26,000 XP – Rank 7

Profit Factor: 47


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