Scions of the Void: The Constantine Dynasty

Session 44 - Kain's Abyss

Rogue Trader/Black Crusade
SCIONS of the VOID: The Constantine Dynasty
Chapter 6 – Into the Abyss

Ambition Knows No Bounds…

Session 44: Kain’s Abyss

Scene 1 – Void Krakens
The Constantine fleet encounters 3 Void Krakens amongst the asteroids.

Scene 2 – The Gate at Kain’s Abyss
Nork performs the dark ritual required to open the gate.

Scene 3 – Harrowed Space
The Golgotha and escorts are dumped from the Lost Gate into the Screaming Vortex, into a warped region known as Harrowed Space. The Colossus has trouble navigating, separating it from the other dynasty ships for a period, fortunately not transversing into the inner rings of the Vortex.

Scene 4 – Warp Incursions
Ebon Geist daemonic hordes sweep through the voidships.

Scene 5 – Gloaming Worlds
Golgotha and fleet tranverse the outer ring of the Screaming Vortex towards Kurse.

Scene 6 – The Hollows
The fleet makes a stop at the Hollows for trade and acquisitions with Forge Polix.

Scene 7 – Forge Polix
The dynasty forges a promethium trade compact with Forge Polix.

Scene 8 – Kurse
The fleet arrives at the baleful chaos scarred world known as Kurse.

Scene 9 – Belphagion
Kurse’s largest asteroid of the Shattered Moons.

Scene 10 – Aposticator
An Aposticator and Hollowkynd of Forge Castir attack the Constantine Scions within the tunnels of Belphagion. Thousand Sons sorcerer Theokolus finds himself caught within the Aposticator’s blast zone and joining the fray, aiding the Scions.

XP: +600 XP = 31100 XP – Rank 8


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